Wolfhamcote 2017

Date 10/12/2017 Member Submitting Report Matthew
Time  19:30-21:00 Case Location GUSTPWHC9122021
Type of Location Team Member Matthew
Deserted Village, Church Grounds Team Member  Andy
 Wolfhampcote Team Member
 Rugby Team Member
CV23 8AR Team Member
Team Member
Team Member
Clairvoyant/Sensitive Andy Matthew
Lead Investigator Matthew Andy
Time 19:30
Longitude  52.27N
Latitude  1.25W
Elevation  322 Feet
Beginning Ending
Temp -2.1 0.1
Feels Like  -3 -3
Visibility  Good Good
Storm Conditions  NONE NONE
EMF Base Reading  0.14 0.00
Emf  Readings
Lunar Cycle Waning 3/4 Moon
Equipment Used Yes No
Dowsing Rods Yes
Dowsing Crystals Yes
EMFs Yes
Voice Box No
Vibration Meter Yes
Compass No
Still Camera No – failed
Video Camera No – failed
Ghost Camera (infra red) No
Strobe Lights Yes
Laser Lights Yes
Infra Red Camera No
Infra Red Detection – sound No
Infra Red Detection – lights No
Infra Red Lighting Yes
During Investigation YES NO
Did you have any ‘visual’ experiences YES
If yes, did they interact with you NO
Did  you have any auditory experiences YES
Did you have any other experience  YES
If yes, what was the experience  Screams where heard
Further Information
 Tripod fell over. no reason given
Complete Report
 We were contacted by numerous spirits through-out the even including a murdered, a child, and maybe a priest.
Whilst using the dowsing rods, Matthew was asked to leave the circle. We had good results in the dowsing rods, where we had 5 people using them, 3 answers where all the same, the other two rods did not move.Just of location, at side of Church, Matthew and Andy contacted a spirit who had been causing problems for Andy. He turned out to be a murder and had killed 6 people. He only killed males and enjoyed it. He wanted to kill Andy, just because.There was a man called Jacob, who sat in the corner observing. He was pre-church (questionable – nothing was there before the church – see background). There was another spirit called Peter who appeared to be clergy, but he was dressed in sacking and was dirty.
There was another man who was trying to get into people. We only got that his name began with ‘G’. He wanted to do people harm, especially Matthew.
There was a little girl who liked Kim and Laura singing Ring a Ring of Roses – the little girl is called Mary.
Lights where seen around the graveyard by most people and there were also red lights seen be most.Dean experienced strange sensations by two gravestone at the entrance.
People heard footsteps and a girls scream was heard.
Through 0ut the night, you could hear whispering.There were energies that where in conflict with each other and energies that wanted to rule and get into people, including Laura. Matthew and Andy took control of this – Laura experienced feeling of sickness and looked quite unwell. The feeling started to subside once outside the graveyard.
Background Information and History of The Site
These form part of the well known deserted medieval village site, but do not be misled into assuming that all the mounds which can be seen are the result of the destruction of the village some time late in the 14th century. Some are disused canal workings, dating from the earlier part of the last century, and made when Braunston was an important focal point for water-borne traffic. Adjacent to the canal were substantial basins where narrow-boats on their way to or from London could load or discharge the many products required in this agricultural area. Later disturbances were also caused during the building of the now redundant L.N.E. Railway which crosses the village site on an embankment, but this line leading to Rugby was never very profitable and had a comparatively short life.

Wolfhampcote is an abandoned village and civil parish in the English counties of Warwickshire and Northamptonshire, which it straddles. The population of the civil parish at the 2011 census was 284.

The old village of Wolfhampcote is located west of the A45 road near Braunston in Northamptonshire, and can be reached by a track from the main A45 road, or by a lane from Flecknoe. The village was abandoned sometime in the late 14th century and is classified as a deserted medieval village. Local legend suggests that the village was wiped out by the Black Death brought in by refugees from London, but there is no evidence to support this. It is much more likely that a few cottages still remained after the great plague and after struggling to maintain their land the villagers drifted off to more prosperous places leaving the Lord of the Manor to clear the land for sheep grazing as best he could. The village is shown as Wulfencote on the Christopher Saxton map of 1637.

Today the only remains of the village are a cottage, a farmhouse, and the old vicarage, located some distance away. The most notable surviving feature of the village is the Church of St Peter, which stands apparently in the middle of nowhere in a field. The church has been restored on several occasions, most recently in the 1970s by an organisation called the Friends of Friendless Churches. The church is today managed by the Churches Conservation Trust and is used only once or twice a year.

Vigil Journal Entry
Time Description By
19:30:00 2x Video Camera Failed – No Battery – battery replaced – and drained within seconds MG (witness: ANDY)
19:30 2x Still Camera Failed – No Battery – batter replaced – and drained within seconds MG (witness: ANDY)
19:30 3x SD Cards Failed MG (witness: ANDY)
20:50 Laura – feeling sick and anxious
19:30-21:00 People complained about chest pains and Andy complained about not feeling well and he felt like he wanted to cough blood.
20:15 Vibration Meter was used – all normal MG (witness: ANDY)
Yes No
Digital Photograph  Yes
Film Photograph No
Video Recording No – failed
Temperature Changes None Reported
EMF Readings 0.14 –
IR Photograph Yes
IR Video No
Thermal Video No
Thermal Photograph  No
– Explain
Any Signs of Tampering  NO
 A very interesting night with much going on. The site is very active and needs more investigation(s).

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