Ultimate Ghost Tour (Sector Two)

The Ultimate in Ghost Tours. Here you will set on your tour armed with some professional ghost hunting equipment. As your guide leads you around the haunted streets, down dark alley ways and as you enter haunter locations such as the dark graveyards or the deserted alleyways this is where you can put your ghost hunting equipment to good use.

Your guide(s) will show you how it all works, what it does and how we use it to communicate with the dead. You will get the chance to use such equipment as EMFs Ghost Boxes Dowsing Crystals and Rods.

You will experience the stories and the introduction into the world of the Paranormal. On the night you will have a spirit sensitive and paranormal investigator from our professional paranormal team who will tell you many personal tales of investigations, spirits and ghosts.

Of course, you will hear tales of the dead, where they haunt, where they live today. You will hear about the haunted buildings, the spirits that still roam the roads you walk today.

Enjoy your Ultimate Ghost Tour as we lead you into the dark world of the haunted streets.

Choose from five different locations.


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