The Ultimate Ghost Adventure (Sector Four)

Welcome to some of the most exciting adventures that Ghosts Unlimited have to offer.

Let Ghosts Unlimited Paranormal Team take you on a journey deep into the night. Here we explore the site, communicate with the spirits and let you investigate. Get involved in vigils, seances and experiments with the team. On this adventure you will have access to new and exciting equipment. Some of our equipment will be such things as New EMFs New EVP recorders Dowsing Rods and Crystals 360 Degree Camera’s Video Still Camera’s Infra Red Camera’s Voice Boxes White Noise Systems and much much more.

You will be free to wonder and investigate the site on your own, in teams and with the paranormal team. Here you will be allowed to make your own assumptions as the Spirit Sensitives take you on a journey and show you how to communicate on a deeper level. They will show you how to channel your energy into positive thinking and let you go into the world of the paranormal.

So venture into some of the most exciting locations the country has to offer and explore with the professionals.

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