Coventry Historical Ghost Tour


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Welcome to hidden Coventry – where you are going to be guided through the cobbled streets of the old town and where you are going to hear some chilling tales of murder, hangings, haunted cathedrals, haunted pubs where the children are still seen today.
As we lead you from location to location, telling you chilling tales of people hanging to their deaths, and where there are people buried under the cobbles you walk on today.
This is a fascinating tour of Medieval England and the best of Haunted Coventry…
So as your guide leads you through alleys and down through haunted ruins, listen carefully to where there are famous people buried, and where they are still seen today. As we end the tour at the modern gallery, you are going to be told of a chilling tale, but we don’t want to ruin the tour… so if you want to know the ending, then why not join us on a night of fascinating and chilling stories.