Ghost Tour (Sector One)

Join your guide on a night of hauntings, ghosts, spirits and some gruesome history. Listen carefully to your guide as they lead you through the haunted streets into dark alleys, haunted passageways and where the ghosts still live today.

You wear tales of the dead, where bodies hung in the streets where the famous lived and died, where the dead still roam and as your guide leads you through the haunted streets and into dark graveyards, hold on to each other as they tell you many of the tales where the ghosts live, work and play with the living.

As you walk along the streets you will also hear tales of history and horror. You will hear horrible history where the bodies of prisoners where left rotting, where they lived and how they died! You will hear tales about horses, soldiers, craft-men, where the monks live and how you can see them live out their lives as they did.

You will walk through ancient buildings, visiting the dead, hearing stories of ancient murders, witchcraft and much much more.

Enjoy your tour as your guide leads you to the land of the dead and hopefully bring you back to the land of the living.

Choose from our Three Exciting and Fascinating Locations….

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