Ghost Adventure (Sector Three)

Our Ghost Adventures are something quite different to our Ghost Tours. On these adventures you will enter a haunted location with the paranormal team including a spirit sensitive and paranormal investigator.
You will be briefed about the site, the haunted locations, what the site has to offer and shown many different ways of communicating.

On this adventure you will get the chance to use such things as White Noise Systems, Voice Boxes, EMFs EVPs Dowsing Crystals Dowsing Rods and We will be Using Infra Video Cameras 360 Degree Video Camera Strobe Lighting Laser Lighting Still Cameras Laser Grids Laser Detection Systems.

This is a night of excitement and communication with the other side. You will get involved with the team who will help guide you and show you how to communicate with the other side and of course, you will get involved in some of the experiments that the team have up their sleeves.

This is a fascinating night into the Paranormal World of Spirits and Ghosts and Where You Get the Chance to Work with The Professionals.


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