Are you looking for something different? Looking to be like Ghosts Hunters or Ghost Adventures or do you want to become the next Zak!
Well, why not have a location that is not only active, but would be an exclusive as well.
You will have access to professional equipment including specialised cameras, EMFs EVPs Dowsing Rods Dowsing Crystals Infra and Laser Systems and much much more.
On the investigation you would have paranormal investigators and spirit sensitives to help you delve deep into the paranormal world of the ghosts and spirits.
Learn with the professionals as they lead you into you haunted locations.
Please complete the form below, and one of our customer care team will be in touch of what you would like and where you would like to go.

The minimum charge for this event/evening including all equipment is £275.00 based on 2 hours of investigation.