Paranormal Ghost Tours & Beyond

Welcome to Ghosts Unlimited. You will find an array of fascinating tours and events for 2018.

2018 is a different year for us at Ghosts Unlimited! We have re-invented the ghost tour to become more of an experience! We have re-modeled our tours to give you a greater experience into the world of the paranormal.
You can now experience our tours on 5 different sectors and many different locations from the basic Historical Ghost Tour to Staying Overnight in some of the most haunted locations the country has to offer! You will also find that we have special Ghosts Events that take you into a different world.

As your guide leads you through the haunted streets of many towns, listen carefully as they tell you tales of the dead, lead you down dark haunted alley ways where the dead still live today. Your guide will take you through the streets where bodies are buried in streets you walk on today. So listen carefully to your guide as they bring the dead to life, lead you into dark graveyards where the spirits wonder freely.

Once you have completed your sector tour, then why not have a try at our Ultimate Tour, where you get the chance to use some of the specialised equipment that our Paranormal Team use on their professional investigations. On this tour you will will hear tales of spirits and ghosts, about haunted locations and on your tour you will enter a very active location, where the paranormal team will show you how to use the equipment and let you wonder freely, looking and searching for the dead.

So moving onto the next step, are you brave enough to join fellow ghost hunters and go on an adventure and search for ghosts and spirits at an active location? On this part you will learn more about the equipment, use voice boxes, white noise systems, emf’, evps dowsing rods and crystals and be involved in your own very investigation. On this investigational tour you will have a Spirit Sensitive and Paranormal Investigator to help and guide you.

So now as you get braver, you can now think about the fourth series where we have small investigational tour where you will get the chance to work with the paranormal team in a closer environment. On this adventure you will enter a active location where you will get the chance to use a full range of equipment and enter a large range of active areas including the Rollright Stones, Grace De Priory, The Ruined Abbey Kenilworth, St Johns Northampoton and many many more.

The final leg of the five parts is where you can work on a one to one with the paranormal team in an active location. We have chosen a specialised range of areas to use.Including some intriguing and very active locations such as Wolfhamcote, a deserted village from the plague, St Johns Priory in Northamptonshire, Grace De Priory in Leicestershire as well as many many more.

You will find that these nights are full of mystery and intrigue. You will get the chance to enter the location, armed with the paranormal team and professional equipment. You will get the chance to complete your own evp’s, your own investigations, your search and get the chance to be involved in some unique experiences.

So welcome to Ghosts Unlimited Paranormal Year where we will take you on a journey from the beginning to the end.

You will also find special nights such as the Rollrights and The Ruined Abbey in Kenilworth and many more exciting and active locations.

On all events Ghosts Unlimited provide all professional equipment and all our events are always completed professionally but in a light-hearted and fun atmosphere.

Enjoy your events!

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